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Wishbone Design Studio

Limited Edition SPACE | 3-in-1 Wishbone Bike


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SPACE Limited Edition design. This is THE gift for a baby's first birthday. Available for a limited time only. Human exploration into Outer Space has inspired our imaginations for centuries. Since 1961, space travel has become a reality, fueled by a spirit of optimism and cooperation. That same enthusiasm for achieving the imaginable can help us solve the challenges of this century - climate change, population growth, wealth disparity. We believe creativity and collaboration can solve any problem, no matter its size. Our Space theme Wishbone Bike inspires you and your little one to believe in your dreams. Trust your innovative power. Imagine a brilliant future.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Einstein, 1921

Comes complete with black handgrips and three white 12" wheels for riding as a trike or balance bike.

Optional: coloured seat cover, coloured hand grips and personalised plates - see our accessories range to choose your options.

Suitable from approx. 12 months to 6 years. Great for children with co-ordination challenges too.

Built for the outdoors, remember to store indoors.

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