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Nightlight Trio | Olala | Les Folies


This triple pack of LED night lights are absolutely adorable. They throw the perfect amount of light to keep your child comforted but without disturbing their sleep. They're cordless and charge easily by sitting on a compact charging station and they illuminate for around 12 hours once fully charged.

With Léo, Léni, and Lila, your children will always have the light they need to feel safe. The 3 cheeky little rabbits comfort your children as they sleep, and make them smile.At bed time you can leave the little lights in assorted spots your childs room or perhaps all 3 in the hallway to light a path to the bathroom - or your child can carry and hold a light with them, even in bed while they sleep, while the other lights are positioned wherever needed or perhaps even used by your other children.

Product Features:

  • 3 LED night lights
  • Mobile & movable throughout the house
  • 12-hour use without being plugged in
  • No wire or battery
  • Charge up when they touch the base
  • Small and light, easy for kids to carry with them
  • French design
  • Do not overheat

Available in single or trio pack - see other listing for the single 'Léo' pack.


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