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Franjos Kitchen

Cacao + Chia | All Natural Kinder Biscuits



These biscuits are delicious - the whole family will love them. But Kinder biscuits for your babes were specially developed by a mum of 3, and Franjo's naturopath and nutritionist, Jo. As parents it is our role to nourish our children with real, wholesome food, we also understand how much trickier this is to achieve in recent times. Franjo's promise to you is that you will never see any nasties in their products. Only real ingredients. Healthy kids are happy kids.

We know your child will love the taste of our kinder range (who can resist chocolate!) and so will their little bodies. We dare you to resist sneaking a few for yourself.

The kinder range is vegan and also great for those with dairy and egg intolerances as Franjo's chose not to include these ingredients in their products - which ofcourse makes them lunch box friendly too!

There is nothing refined here, only real, 100% naturopath approved ingredients.

 Did you know:

organic wholemeal spelt flour is a gut friendly ancient grain, higher in protein, lower in gluten, packed with nutrients and is easier to digest than common wheat.

organic coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids, like your breast milk. It can play an incredible role in the health of our children from brain and hormone health to assisting with the absorption of vitamins from foods.

organic coconut sugar is a wonderful alternative to refined sugar. Containing vitamins and minerals it is has a lower G.I so it’s absorbed at a slower rate and less likely to cause sugar highs. Franjo's also only use a little in the bikkies!

This product is great for children from 12 months of age and both we and Franjo's recommend they are supervised and always sitting in an upright position when eating.


Refined sugar free, refined flour free, nut free, egg free, dairy free, vegan nourishing snack for your babe.

Franjo's have nailed this biscuit and ticked the boxes of dairy, refined flour and can sugar free.

We are all pretty excited. What more could you ask for in a satisfying snack? It is also completely vegan friendly as they don’t use eggs either.


• More balanced babes

• Improved appetite control

• Happier tummies + healthier little bodies


Franjo's are believers of limiting dairy, refined flours and cane sugar and saying no to trans and bad fats in ones diet including the diets of our children.

Being egg and honey free they tick the box for vegans as well.

The kinder range does not contain nuts making them an ideal for those with nut allergies and lunch boxes.

That’s a win for everyone, don’t you think?

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