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Breastfeeding | Baltic Amber Necklace


Breastfeeding | Baltic Amber Necklace


The Baltic Amber Breastfeeding Necklace is absolutely gorgeous. It’s comfortable and soothing to wear and the ideal gift for new mothers or mums-to-be.

Mum receives the all natural wellness, calmness and pain relief benefits of the amber - with the added bonus of the beautiful design is a simple and attractive way to maintain your baby's attention. Baby learns to hold and play with the necklace during the feeding experience, which helps them to relax and to feed longer.

As baby grows they will begin to recognise the necklace and associate it with feeding and the comfort of mum. These beautiful necklaces are made from carefully selected and perfectly polished round amber beads. 

Due to the unique nature of Baltic Amber, no two pieces ever look the same - the colour of amber can vary slightly, but all are equally as beautiful.

As a registered member of The Amber Association in Poland - Amberbebe guarantee to sell genuine and authentic Baltic amber, with a 100% money back return policy.

Please beware of other sellers stating they sell “Baltic amber” yet the amber may be mined in China, Africa, Australia, India or Tibet. Baltic amber means it is mined from the Baltic Sea which is located in Europe.

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